What Do I Need To Make Polymer Clay Earrings

What Do I Need To Make Polymer Clay Earrings

What Do I Need To Make Polymer Clay Earrings

Making polymer clay earrings is so much fun and fairly simple to make, but before you get started making your own earrings there are a few tools that you will need.


Firstly you are going to need some polymer clay! There are many different types of clay brands on the market and they are all different with some are easier to work with than others.

To make polymer clay earrings you will need a strong and flexible polymer clay. I recommend using Premo Sculpey, Sculpey Souffle and Cernit.

NOTE: I would suggest staying away from Sculpey III as a base for your earrings as it is very brittle and usually crumbles after being cured. However, Sculpey III is a great crafting medium for children.


You are going to need an oven to bake your polymer clay, whether it be your regular household oven or a separate toaster oven.  You will want an oven that applies even heat to your polymer clay earrings.

I also recommend investing in an oven thermometer to ensure the correct temperature as it can be very easy to burn your clay.


A pasta machine has a variety of uses in making polymer clay earrings. You can soften and condition your clay using a pasta machine. It’s also a great tool for colour mixing and making a sheet of polymer clay a consistent thickness.

When I first started creating with polymer clay, I brought my pasta machine second hand from Facebook marketplace and has served me well for many years. I use an Atlas 150 Wellness.


An acrylic or stainless-steel rolling pin will be essential if you are making polymer clay earrings. You will need it to condition your clay and reduce the thickness of your polymer clay slab.

I recommend using a stainless-steel rolling pin as it is super light weight and easier to clean. Acrylic rollers are cheaper but they can deteriorate and will crack over time.


There are a ton of shape cutters currently on the market to make polymer clay earrings. It all depends on what style you like. We currently stock Cutters and Stamps 3D printed cutters and will soon be stocking our own range of polymer clay cutters made from resin with a super sharp cutting edge.


There are a so many different types of earring findings in a variety of different materials. The most popular types of earring findings we sell are hooks, hoops and posts made from stainless steel.

You are also going to need jump rings and a pair of pliers if you intend to make dangle earrings.

NOTE:  You will need to make a hole where you will place your jump rings prior to baking if you do not have a Dremel to drill holes once your earrings are cured.

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