I have set up a pre-order for Sculpey products so you have the best chance of securing the products you want due to the recent shortages. 

My supplier is anticipating a Sculpey delivery in the first week of September. 

What I order is never definite. I could order 100 blocks of clay and only get supplied with 50. Sometimes my supplier doesn't even know what they recieve until they get their shipment. 

If you are wanting to place a pre-order you agree to the following:

- Pre-order is open for 24 hours only! 

- You might not receive all the items that you purchased (it will be first in, first serve).

- You will be refunded for the items that you do not receive once I am notified of what our shipment contains.

- Once I receive the shipment (roughly the 2nd week of September) I will work around the clock to get your orders out to you.

- I will let you know when the shipment has come in. I can combine shipping if you would like to place another order around the time of delivery.

- Please leave email address or phone number when checking out so I can easily contact you. 

- If you have any questions or need to contact me you can do so via email.

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