Ecrylimer Sealer - Natural Matte Finish Water Based


Ecrylimer now has a friend in the way of a clear, penetrating sealer that delivers a highly water resistant natural finish! Completely non flammable, UV resistant, no streaky finishes and non-hazardous - win win! 

500ml of this liquid goodness will cover approximately 1/2 a square metre of finished products.

How to use it?

  • Just sponge or brush on all sides liberally to complete saturation.
  • Pat with paper towel any excess product to avoid white areas
  • Leave dry for 24-48 hours.
  • For all over black or dark products you can dilute the sealant 1:1 with water to reduce the slight dulling white "film" that can occur over the product. Do a test run first on small sample.


How waterproof is it? You can see in the photos after we did a half/half test when the item was immersed in water, the sealant side has not been penetrated and the water just runs off. The ultimate test was pouring a cup of water into a bowl sealed with this and after 2 hours we were able to pour the exact same amount of water back into the cup. Please note, there may be some residual water marks.


Does it make it food safe? No, whilst this is a highly water and oil resistant sealer, it is not guaranteed a complete seal to make it food safe.