Jacquard Neopaque Acrylic Paint (70ml) - VIOLET


Neopaque shares many characteristics with Lumiere but is formulated with traditional pigments instead of metallics. These super opaque paints provide maximum coverage on virtually any dark ground.

Jacquard Neopaque paints are highly pigmented, light body, opaque acrylics that can be painted, screened, stenciled, marbled and stamped. Use them on all surfaces including wood, canvas, paper and fabric. A light application covers well on dark backgrounds while use on light backgrounds produces a subtle designer palette alternative to a more intense color scheme. They brush on smoothly, are water-based, dry cleanable, lightfast, and remain soft and flexible when dry.

These acrylic paints work very well with polymer clay and can be applied before or after curing. They are also great for silk screening onto polymer clay. They work very well on unbaked polymer clay as the heat during the baking process sets them very hard with no need to seal.