Just Resin ArtCast - SLOW

Australian Made Epoxy Resin.

Designed for Casting - ideal for applications such as jewellery, doming, embedding, casting & filling timber voids.

Very low viscosity, UV table, ultra clear, low odour, super high strength & scratch resistant. Made in Australia.
  • Pot life - Up to 40 minutes 
  • Repour at approximately 2 hours 
  • Touch dry / demould at approximately 24 hours 
  • Depth of pours - approx 20mm deep 
  • Full cure at approximately 7 days 
  • Mixing ratio 3:1

You will receive Part A + Part B 

Part A: 300mls (in a 500ml bottle)
Part B: 100mls (in a 250ml bottle)
Total:   400mls 

Part A: 900mls (in a 1000ml bottle)
Part B: 300mls (in a 500ml bottle)
Total:  1200mls

    PLEASE NOTE: During warmer months, we recommend Express Post to ensure your order is delivered quickly to reduce the chance of heat damage in transit.