Polymer Clay Cutter - BUNNY TAIL


*Please take note of sizes before purchasing. 

Type: Bunny Tail Polymer Clay Cutter

Quantity: 1pc 

Extra Small - 20mm x 20mm
Small - 25mm x 25mm
Medium - 30mm x 30mm
Large - 35mm x 35mm

Material: PLA (biodegradable plastic)

The cutting edge of the polymer clay cutters for earrings is less than 1 mm thick to get a clean cut so that the after cleanup is to a minimum. It is expected that a small amount of sanding of your polymer clay piece is required after using these cutters. We do not guarantee a perfect cut, but it will be a relatively clean cut.

If you are working with soft clay, brush some corn flour on your slab before cutting it so that the clay doesn't stick to the cutters. We also recommend burnishing your polymer clay on a ceramic tile when cutting your shapes and then gently lift with a blade. 

3D printed cutters don’t always give a clean cut so once you remove the cutters from the clay, make sure to smooth the edges if there is any excess before backing so that you spend less time sanding the pieces.

3D printed cutters are sensitive to heat so keep away from temperatures 70°C and above. 

Handwash only! They are not dishwasher safe.