Polymer Clay Embossing Texture Stamp - HAPPY FLOWER


*Please take note of size before purcasing. 

Our polymer clay texture plates have been designed for polymer clay, but can also be used for fondant etc. 

These are a great tool for creating a unique raised texture on polymer clay. 

Type: Polymer Clay Embossing Texture Stamp

Quantity: 1pc

Plate Size: 80mm x 60mm x 6mm

Design Size: 27mm x 27mm

Material: Transparent Acrylic


- Prepare the clay to a thickness slightly thicker than your desired final thickness.

- Place the clay on top of the stamp and roll over your clay with a rolling pin.

- Slowly peel your clay away from the stamp.

TIP: A thin coating of corn flour on the stamp will make it easier to remove the from the clay. Be sure to shake off any excess corn flour before pressing on the clay.


Sometimes clay can get trapped in the fine lines of the stamp. Wash it gently in warm soapy water and use a soft tooth brush.