Polymer Clay Texture Roller - RATTAN


*Please take note of size before purchasing. 

Type: Christmas Ugly Sweater Polymer Clay Texture Roller

Quantity: 1pc

Size: 80mm x 24mm

Material: PLA (biodegradable plastic)

Texture rollers are a great way to add unique and fun designs on your clay. Simply roll across a flat clay slab. Press down evenly throughout the length of the roller for an even pattern. 

To avoid clay getting stuck inside the texture, you can use a bit of cornstarch by lightly brushing it on the clay before using the roller. Achieving the same effect can be done by placing a piece of cling wrap on top of the clay.

3D printed rollers are sensitive to heat so keep away from temperatures 70°C and above. 

Handwash only! They are not dishwasher safe.