Polymer Clay Water Transfer Paper - 028


Size: 10cm x 13.5cm

How to use transfer papers?

  • Use on white or light coloured clay for best results.
  • Condition your clay and roll onto a tile surface.
  • Burnish your water transfer paper to your clay, with the image facing downwards. Roll over your transfer paper with your roller and make sure the paper is entirely attached to your clay and no air bubbles or corners are lifting.
  • Take your tile with your slab on it and rinse it under a low-pressure tap.
  • The paper will magically dissolve. You may need to gently rub away the remaining paper using your finger.
  • Once the paper has dissolved let your clay dry.
  • After your clay has dried, cut, and bake it as usual. Keep in mind that colours may change after baking.
  • We recommend sealing your finished pieces. You can use a varnish or resin. This will enhance the colour of your design and increase durability.