Wire Elements Looping Pliers - Marked 5-10mm Round Loops


Designed to make bending, shaping, and bailing wires easier, the Beadsmith 3-In-1 Loop-Making Pliers are an excellent addition to any jewellery making kit. Made from high-quality materials, this loop tool can be used on almost all kinds of wire. Because of its elongated handle, this 6.5-inch Wire Elements plier gives you the torque you need to bend and shape wire into the size that you need.

These pliers feature 3 loop sizes for an all-in-one solution ranging from 5mm to 10mm. With spring-loaded jaws and a lap-joint construction, these pliers prevent hand fatigue and cramping. 


1. Align the wire with the marking for the desired loop size on the inner jaw, then close the jaws to hold the wire in place.

2. Wrap the wire entirely around the jaw.

3. Trim the tail (if desired, you can wrap the wire near the base of the loop before trimming).